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Winter Herbs


Wellness Webinar

Start this new year strong by building both your knowledge base and medicine cabinet on herbs to use in winter. This 90 minute workshop will focus on how the body and nature adapts during winter, and ways to keep it in balance. When we are out of balance we are more susceptible to illness. Together we will be exploring safe, commonly used herbs you should always keep on hand this time of year, as well as some recipes to try out at home!
When: December 12th at 7pm EST
Cost: $20
Frozen Bubble

 Herbs 101

Interested in learning about herbs, but not sure where to start? Join us on the green path as we dive into the magical world of plant medicine. Together we'll explore the background of herbalism, medicine making, and an herbalist's top 15 easy herbs everyone should know and use in their herbal medicine cabinet. This 2 hour, jam-packed workshop will have you jump started on your own herbal path. Don't forget to bring your notebook!
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