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A Little About Amy

Stepping Stones

I didn't grow up on a commune, but sometimes I wish I did. I almost moved to one when I was 19, baby boy in tow. I grew up pretty normal. Nothing I do now would be very 'normal' to a lot of people, and yet it's really just a collection of antiquated customs, practices, and ways of living like our ancestors did.


I'm a forager, a homesteader, an herbalist, a yoga teacher, a Reiki practitioner, and a teacher. 

My professional life started as a teacher. Then, in my late 20s, I got into wanting to learn how to live off the land, so I went to the Maryland University of Integrative Health planning on getting a certificate in Herbalism; that ended up turning into a Masters of Science in Therapeutic Herbalism. One element of herbalism that I was exposed to at MUIH was Ayurveda, which propelled me into being a yoga teacher. 

While in my yoga teacher training I was also trained in Reiki, which propelled me down the Reiki path. 

Growing our own food, healing our bodies with plants and energy work, and living in communion with the land is nothing new, even though most of what I do falls under the New Age category. It is anything but. It is Appalachian folk tradition, and this has been a progression of finding my roots again. One step at a time.

A Little About JP

Coming soon!
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