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Herbal Tea Blends

Barefoot Medicine Farm

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Liver Lover Detox Tea

The hepa protective properties of calendula, ginger, rosemary, and nettle blend beautifully with the hepa restorative herbs of thistle and dandelion root. The peppermint helps relieve stagnation in the digestive system, which in turn aids in liver function.


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Seasonal Solace Allergy Tea

Prep your body for allergy season with this calming, beautifully blended herbal tea, which includes nettles, lemongrass, spearmint, peppermint, calendula, blue vervain, lavender, red clover blossom, echinacea root, bee pollen, and stevia.

This blend is best used a month or more before allergy season is in full force, and should be used with local honey if possible.


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