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Get rested sleep
Forget the fatigue
Feel balanced

Quiet Forest

What I Offer

After our first consultation you will leave with options for the issues that led you down this path, and

you will begin to have a better understanding of yourself.

Your health history will be thoroughly reviewed prior to our visit. After your first visit with me I will review your case, conduct research for any contradictions or herb/drug interactions, and formulate your tea and/or tincture based on your individual needs.


I match the person and their constitution to the herbs used in formulations. Each blend is specifically formulated for you and your unique needs.

The notes from our meeting, plan going forward, and herbal suggestions are provided to you. I also provide feedback on dietary and lifestyle suggestions to aid on your journey.

The herbs may be blended for you myself, or I will have a local dispensary send you your order.

After every session with me you will receive a digital copy of notes and suggestions. 


Initial Consultation

This is a 60 minute consultation which includes a thorough review of your intake form in order to get to know you and better understand your health needs from a holistic perspective.

We will be discussing not just ailments, but also daily habits which may contribute to your health and wellness.


From here I will assess and determine a plan to best assist you, which will be sent to you as notes via Practice Better. It typically takes about 3 days to work out your case, provide notes, and formulate your tea and/or tincture. 

I will suggest herbs/ supplements/dietary and lifestyle changes for you to incorporate before our next visit.


Once you have received your herbs, I often recommend trying them for 3 weeks before seeing me for a Follow Up visit. However, you are welcome to see me again before that. 

Follow Up Appointments

Each Follow Up appointment can range from 30 to 45 minutes.


In these sessions we will discuss how you have been doing since our last meeting. 


You will be sent a form prior to our meeting to disclose any health or medical changes since our last visit. 

Depending on the situation we may continue with the recommendations, or make alterations as needed. 


Acute issues can typically be addressed through a few sessions. However, chronic health concerns take a longer amount of time to work on before true results are attainable.

I will continue to guide you towards herbal options and/ or supplements from reliable sources, as well as resources to help realign you with your natural cycles.  

Together we will set realistic goals, so that you can reach the outcome you hope to achieve.

I help people who struggle with busy or stressful lives find healthy herbal and holistic options for dealing with sleep and digestive issues through self reflection, understanding the natural cycles of everyday life, and working with these cycles in order to find balance.

My hope is that through a better understanding of self and connecting with the environment, people will create stronger relationships with others and the earth. 

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